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I cant breathe! Take your knee off my neck, the weight of your oppression is becoming too much for me. I thought that changing locations could break me free from the chains of the negative narrative that you proclaimed over me.

I cant breathe! Your prejudice is choking me! 

I tried to fit into your world, to conform to your idealogies, but obviously that was not enough! Is it my wool textured hair or my dark coloured skin? I CANT CHANGE THAT! Is it the way I express myself through my dress? What is it?! Is it because I dont measure up to your standard of what you think I should be? 

Tell me! WHAT DID I DO WRONG? Did I break some law or moral policy? Or is it simply because I was just being me?! All I have ever wanted is to be free. Free from the oppression! Free from the fight! Free from the struggle! Free from the violence! So why wont you let me be…PLEASE take your knee off my neck and let me breathe! 

I cant breathe…I cant breathe…I cant…

…Finally…with your knee on my neck and the weight of your hate, you released your grip but you took my life away…

Atleast now Im free! 

Free from a world filled with darkness, hate and pride. Free from the masks that they wear to cover their lies. Free from the guilt, shame and fear of just being me. Free from the countless tears of pain and agony. 

I can breathe now…Im free! 


In honor of George Floyd.

May His Soul Rest In Peace.